In this issue, Ramtin Sadighim – the highly experienced and reputable Los Angeles car accident attorney – will discuss, why settling might be the right choice

The Smart Move

In a previous entry, we explained the process of settling a personal injury case in Los Angeles.
An attempt to settle the case will most likely be the first course of action between your personal injury attorney and the insurance provider of the responsible party; it’s crucial that you both be on the same page in terms of your goals and needs from the case.

Simply, the time to settle has arrived when the settlement offer meets your needs and is clearly in your best interest

While each case is unique, settling does come with its own benefits, including:

  • Reduced stress of to not having to go to court
  • Receiving compensation much quicker
  • Maintain privacy (not making the settlement public knowledge)

When Not to Settle

You should probably think twice about accepting a settlement offer if (1) you feel that the financial component of the settlement is less than what you would receive in court, and (2) if the opportunity for punitive damages is a possibility. In cases where the at-fault person was especially negligent, a judge or jury may feel compelled to award you more compensation than what you’re seeking.

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By leveraging the experience and expertise of a trusted personal injury attorney such as Ramtin Sadighim, who has a proven record of fighting for the best interests of Californians, you are far more likely to receive the compensation you deserve.

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