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Hiring a lawyer helps to keep your rights and best interests intact. Don’t let a car accident or other motor vehicle incident interfere with your well being. Get the help of an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney and car accident lawyer like Ramtin Sadighim.

We can help with all personal injury claims, including receiving the proper medical attention and obtaining fair financial compensation for your recovery. Mr. Sadighim is the kind of personal injury attorney who will treat your case with personal attention and listen to what you have to say. He is an accident lawyer you will want on your side.

“A pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and a tenecious go getter. Great customer experience and loyalty. Thanks for all the hard work.”

Alex Blitshteyn

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Individualized care is our specialty at the Law Offices of Ramtin Sadighim. As an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney, Mr. Sadighim understands that every client, case, and circumstance needs a different approach for the best results. We adapt to your needs to give you the most efficient and cost-effective service possible. We’re based in Tarzana, CA but represent clients in Los Angeles, Ventura, Encino, Sherman Oaks and Westland Hills. Our firm has successfully represented many types of injury claims, including dog bites, brain, and burn injuries and has also been the lawyers for many car accident injury claims in and around Los Angeles.

If we don’t recover personal injury claim compensation, you don’t have to pay. With our guarantee, there’s nothing to lose except precious time. Call today for a free consultation – it doesn’t help to wait. Contact us by calling 888.999.8744 or sending in a form on our contact page.



A: Our firm offers a free, no-obligation case review, in which we will take the time to answer your questions and give you an honest appraisal of your circumstances. You will know if you have a legitimate legal case before ever signing on.

A: When it comes to personal injury cases, we accept them on a contingency basis. This means that you owe us nothing if we don’t recover compensation on your behalf. We only get paid if you do, and you don’t have to pay anything up front. Each case is different, so your costs may vary.

A: Many people try to handle their personal injury cases on their own, but often fail. Working with a lawyer allows you to let someone else handle the stress of the situation, and you can rest well knowing a professional will get you a better outcome than you ever could yourself. Plus, your lawyer only gets paid when you do, so it’s a risk-free decision to bring one on board.

A: Often in personal injury cases, an insurance adjuster will want you to make a formal statement, and they may offer you a financial settlement for your case. We advise you to never give a recorded statement without first consulting with an attorney. It’s also important to know that these insurance settlements are typically the bare minimum, and you are likely entitled to much more.