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5 star ratingI was in fender bender recently and Ramtin came highly recommended as I needed an attorney that would take the time to review my case and help me get this sorted out properly. Ramtin did just that and more, he kept me in the loop and updated constantly which I appreciated as pervious attorneys I had worked with in years past I would have to stalk to get an answer or an update. Very professional, highly recommend!

Dadli Y. Avatar Dadli Y.

5 star ratingI was involved in a motorcycle accident. I contacted Ramtin and told him what had happened. He took on the case and won. I'm thankful for him and will refer anyone I know in an accident to his law office.

Keith B. Avatar Keith B.

5 star ratingI was involved in a motorcycle accident in August 2018 the police department that did my report stated that I was at fault I contacted several different law firms and no one would take my case and only wasted my time!! I was referred to Ramtin by MV legal marketing... As soon as I called he took the case and told me not to worry he would fight for me...he settled my case and got me the money I deserve! I highly recommend Ramtin! And would also like to thank his assistant Maria she had all the answers to my questions and made it so much easier day by day!!! I personally wouldn't be caught on the road without his number!!!

Martin G. Avatar Martin G.

5 star ratingRamtin is a very good lawyer. He took time with me, listened carefully, and explained the process throughly, including how long the proceedings would take. He was agressive with the insurance company when he needed to be and negtiated well during arbitration. I should have called him a lot sooner than I did. I would have saved myself a lot of time, money and headaches.

I was rear-ended in a car accident - no question of fault. I thought I could negotiate with the insurance company on my own. I made so many mistakes that hurt my case other attorneys would not take my case.

1.  I received treatment through my HMO. That gave the car insurance company access to all my past medical history (even though I capped the access date to my medical history   to the accident date).

2.  I worked while I was in major pain. They would not reimburse me for half days or time taken off for doctors appts. They only counted full days.

3.  I waited until the last minute to negotiate with the insurance company (you have two years to file). That gave them all the power, they would not even cover all the doctors bills, never mind time off from work. In the end, I had to file a lawsuit just to protect my rights. Ramtin was able to file my case with only a couple of days left of the two year filing period.

Don't make the mistakes I did. Call Ramtin as soon as you can. Dispite my very weaken case (because of my past medical history), Ramtin got me more than three times the original offer from the car insurance company, and negotiated down how much I had to reimburse my medical insurance company for treatments received. Unfortunately, this was many times less than what I would have received if I had used Ramtin from the beginning.

Don't make a mistake and think you can do this yourself. I successfully negotiated with car insurance companies in the past, but times have changed, insurance companies have changed. Don't expect fair and reasonable treatment from them. Call an attorney. Ramtin is a very good choice.

Susan T. Avatar Susan T.

5 star ratingI hired Ramtin Sadighim to handle a case for me.  He was professional, timely, kept me in the loop and thoughtful.  He handled my case successfully and got me the results I didn't dream of.  Thank you Ramtin Sadighim! Highly recommend him

Michael K. Avatar Michael K.

5 star ratingI was involved in a hit and run while in a Uber. Ramtin took my case right away. Any questions or concerns I had he wouldn't hesitate to answer them. Him and Maria does a great job, keeping in communicating with the client. Also I can't forget the most important part he got me wayyyy more than what I was expecting to get with my settlement I was pleased. Thank you for your services.

Keisha S. Avatar Keisha S.

5 star ratingFirst and foremost I would like to thank Mr. Sadighim for being such an excellent lawyer all the way through. His work ethic is very remarkable and he is a professional in his work. I have never been in such a horrific situation being in a car accident as unimaginable as mine was something very hard to go through but Mr. Sadighim helped me  with his legal assistance and walked me through it every step of the way and because of his tremendous help I feel like justice was made and I couldn't feel any more greatful for having him on my case. I would definitely recommend him to whomever needs any legal assistance and if I ever am in a situation where I need some legal assistance without hesitation would have him as my lawyer again!

Daniela T. Avatar Daniela T.

5 star ratingMy family was recently involved in a car accident and luckily we knew exactly who to turn to. Since Ramtin has helped my family in several cases in the past,  such as accidents and tickets, we definitely went to him again. He is welcoming, friendly and most of all trustworthy. Unfortunately, we can't say that about a lot of attorney's out there. His follow through ability is one of a kind. Even if the case is taking longer than usual, he will keep you update to date on your file with complete honesty. He fights for what he believes is fair, even if you want to settle at a lower amount. We have recommended him to so many friends and family because having a good attorney on your side is always key. One of the nicest guys in the business... Thanks for everything you have done for us Ramtin.

Mo A. Avatar Mo A.

5 star ratingI had an accident and decided to go with Ramtin for my case through Refferal. He is one of the best personal injury lawyers I've had the pleasure of having!! Ramtin and his staff took great care of me! They went above and beyond to get me the best care, best service and handled my case with compassion and care. I never had an issue getting ahold of information and I was so happy with my settlement. They are fair, trustworthy and honest! It's hard to find a trustworthy person to take care of you so I was very happy with this law office. If you're looking for a great attorney, I highly recommend Ramtin!!

melody s. Avatar melody s.

5 star ratingI'm not one to post to social media much, but this experience deserves recognition in so many different ways. I was involved in a motorcycle accident in june of 2018. Being that I am in the motorcycle industry and felt I had enough knowledge specializing in insurance repair, I thought I could take this head on and handle it myself. The initial part was easy being that I had to communicate with the insurance carrier for my repair, so I figured it would be the same for the personal injury side as well... well it wasn't.

After a few months and a lot of debate, I reached out to fellow business owner and friends Matt and Veronica over at Kraze Motorsports in Van Nuys for some advice, they connected me with MV Legal which basically connected me with Ramtin. I couldn't have made a better informative decision, and it has worked better than I could have ever hoped for.

You hear the horror stories of retaining an attorney and basically becoming a number, and never being able to ever get hold of your attorney or much less an assistant. Well not one time did I ever call and not communicate directly with Ramtin or Maria, both beyond professional and always had my answers.

I just want and need to thank Ramtin and Maria for all their effort handling my case. The best part is I have developed a friendship with one of the best in the game. If you want the best firm representing you, just make that call and let the service speak for itself.

Carlos R

Carlos R. Avatar Carlos R.