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Studio City, a low-density, relatively wealthy neighborhood in LA, appreciates the skills obtainable from The Law Office of Ramtin Sadighim – a top-notch Personal Injury Attorney that deals with most of the negligent car accident injuries in this city hub.

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There is no nook or cranny that really escapes the reality of Los Angeles, arguably the most frenetic city in California. This reality, on the negative side of things, extends to the burgeoning road traffic and auto accidents involving pedestrians, motorcycles, buses and even cyclists. Every year is witness to an almost unbelievable number of victims affected by over 50,000 mishaps on this city’s roads and highways. When speed is involved, it invariably connects to wrongful death, or at best serious long-lasting human impairment. Over and above all this, there are also the frequent personal injuries inflicted by dog bites, burns, broken limbs etc., in the workplace and other diversions in everyday living for residents living in Studio City.

Studio City has connected strongly to The Law Office of Ramtin Sadighim, a Personal Injury law firm active in Los Angeles, with 5-star Yelp ratings earned from many years of client success. Attorney Ramtin’s first-class team of trained professionals’ acts for anyone where another’s negligence needs a lawyer to seek compensation. The natural impact of heavy traffic makes car accidents the biggest concentration for this legal firm, simply because the density and velocity of vehicles on the road leads to all kinds of problems. Suburban residents should be ready with Ramtin’s toll-free number, active 24 hours a day, and 7-days a week in the event that negligent or reckless acts by other parties cause them or their loved ones any kind of disablement.

The best part of working with Ramtin Sadighim’s law office that serves residents living in Studio City, is that we offer free consultation to learn more about your injury or accident. Yes, that goes for the whole process from wrongful injury being registered, to settlement for damages. We only get compensation when you do, relying fully on our talents to achieve a good money reward for pain and suffering. Our clients are doubly delighted when they realize how fast we get the deals closed, often by mediation – but also going to court if necessary. We don’t rest until we know we have invested all our professional resources to present your best case. Our range of expertise includes addressing wrongful, reckless or plain negligent injury by another in factories, eating establishments (slip-and-fall accidents being most common), commercial buildings and, of course, on the neighborhood sidewalks and roads.

Summing it all up, the legal resource-center that functions as the brainchild for Ramtin and his team has done wonders in Studio City. Residents have been quick to lock onto our proficient service that relies on the right mix of empathy, aggressiveness and resolve to get you the results that you expect from any negligent personal injury situation.

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So, if you or a loved one living in Studio City has been seriously hurt or injured in a car accident or any other type of negligent misfortune, contact The Law Office Of Ramtin Sadighim today and let us fight for you. Call. Call 888.999.8744 or click here for a Free Consultation.

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I was in a fender bender recently and Ramtin came highly recommended as I needed an attorney that would take the time to review my case and help me get this sorted out properly. Ramtin did just that and more, he kept me in the loop and updated constantly which I appreciated as previous attorneys I had worked with in years past I would have to stalk to get an answer or an update. Very professional, highly recommend!

Dadli Y. Dadli Y. 5/19/2015

I'm a business owner seeking legal advice. After checking out Yelp I decided to be in touch with Mr. Ramtin who was super knowledgable, understanding and gentleman. He walked me through my options and advised me about what is best to be done. He earns me as a long time customer and will refer him to all in need of legal help. Thumbs up and I wish I can give more than 5 stars because he truly deserves it. Thank you so much.

Jack K. Jack K. 8/11/2016

I got 2 speeding tix in 10 days. Very lucky I found Mr. Ramtin on the website. I decided to give a try based on other clients' reviews. He took my case and very patiently explained how speeding tickets case gonna work. His fee was fair and he is honest in the front about the case. You know what, he dismissed my both speeding tickets. Huge relief for me. And really happy I picked Mr. Ramtin. I definitely will recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

Jing Z. Jing Z. 3/21/2016

I was involved in a very complicated motorcycle accident, Ramtin was able to win the case for me! Not only that he did it in a timely matter! I can't thank him enough! 5/5 highly recommend him, his assistant Maria is also a great help! Always on top of things, very polite; and always tried to help with anything she could!

Jorge G. Jorge G. 11/10/2018

I was involved in a hit and run while in an Uber. Ramtin took my case right away. Any questions or concerns I had he wouldn't hesitate to answer them. He and Maria do a great job, keeping in communicating with the client. Also, I can't forget the most important part he got me way more than what I was expecting to get with my settlement I was pleased. Thank you for your services.

Keisha S. Keisha S. 2/13/2019

I hired Ramtin Sadighim to handle a case for me. He was professional, timely, kept me in the loop and thoughtful. He handled my case successfully and got me the results I didn't dream of. Thank you Ramtin Sadighim! Highly recommend him.

Michael K. Michael K. 1/26/2018

I was recently involved in a personal injury case and I had no idea what to do. Ramtin took the time to clearly explain my options and all the possible outcomes to me. He's a patient, well-spoken and highly professional attorney who is excellent at achieving results. I have referred him to a few friends and family members who were involved in similar type incidents and who wanted to know their legal rights and obligations. He was able to meet with them and help navigate what can often be very hard to understand rules and regulations related to the lawsuit process and related procedures.

Mitra K. Mitra K. 4/21/2015

I was involved in a motorcycle accident in Dec 2017 and was recommended to the law office of remain Sadighim and I'm glad I was! It was a speedy process and Maria was beyond helpful answered all my questions and always was quick to respond. I'm very happy with the outcome and would recommend them to anyone!!! Thank you guys very much.

Xavier M. Xavier M. 7/25/2018


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