The Process of Settling Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

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The Process of Settling Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

A man who suffered a series of back injuries and was forced to undergo a surgical procedure after a disabled vehicle rolled onto his car has settled his case for $905,000. Shortly after the accident, the victim wisely secured the expertise of a personal injury layer to handle the case on his behalf.
While it may surprise you, the fact is that most car accident lawsuits are satisfied via settlement rather than proceeding to a courtroom. The key is to have a personal injury lawyer who is ready to take the case to court if a settlement is not possible.
In this issue, the highly reputable and experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer, Ramtin Sadighim, will discuss the process that proceeds in most personal injury cases stemming from a car accident.

Receiving Your Car Accident Settlement

The attempt to settle is typically the first step in just about any type of personal injury case. It is important to remember, however, that your personal injury lawyer will not be negotiating directly with the person responsible for the accident. Rather, those talks will be held with the at-fault person’s insurance provider.

  1. The first step will be to gather as much information as possible to support your claims of injury. You can find more pertinent information discussed in a previous issue the best ways to gather and preserve evidence from a car accident.
  2. best ways to gather and preserve evidence from a car accident Once you and your attorney have your ducks in a row, a letter will be submitted to the insurance provider of the at-fault person. The letter will present your claim, explain the nature of your injuries, and spell out the amount of damages (compensation) you would expect.
  3. best ways to gather and preserve evidence from a car accident The insurance provider will then dispatch an insurance adjuster to investigate your claims (look at police reports, examine the scene of the accident, scrutinize medical documentation, etc.) and decipher to whether to agree to your terms or offer a different amount.
  4. If no settlement amount is reached, your personal injury attorney should proceed to taking the matter to court by officially filing a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. Keep in mind that even though filing the lawsuit sets the stage for the case proceeding to court, a settlement is possible before a verdict is reached.

In other words, a settlement is not completely off the table until a jury or judge has shared their verdict.

Why Should I Settle My Case?

There are advantages to you and the insurance provider in settling the case before it reaches a courtroom.
For you, the main advantage is that the settlement results in you receiving your compensation far quicker than if the case goes to trial.
In the eyes of the defendant, settling is usually a far more preferable option than taking their chances in court where everything is available for public view and legal costs remain some what under control and kept away from the unpredictability of judges and juries.

Injuries sustained in car accidents can be life changing; hence, it is imperative that you leverage the skills of a highly qualified and experienced personal injury attorney in Los Angeles such as Ramtin Sadighim. The dedication and persistence that he brings to each case is unmatched. For further information about Ramtin Law please visit or to schedule a consultation please call 888-999-8744.

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