Janet Weiss, drummer for the popular bands Quasi and Slang, told her fans in mid-August that she was canceling her upcoming west coast tour because of injuries involved from a car accident. After experiencing a broken right leg and collar bone from the accident, she was advised by her doctor to devote 12 weeks for her recovery.

The injuries incurred by Weiss are commonly experienced by car accident victims, and often require taking time off from work and other responsibilities for full recovery.

In this issue, the reputable, Los Angeles car accident attorney Ramtin Sadighim will discuss the injuries suffered by victims of car accidents.

  1. Broken bones

    Like Weiss, injuries like broken legs, arms, hips, shoulders and ribs are common when involved in a car accidents due to the sudden and extreme level of force our body endures when hit unexpectantly.

  2. Head injuries

    Even though symptoms may take a while to show themselves, traumatic brain injuries can lead to serious conditions that can affect the brain’s function. Concussions, intense headaches, and body control are serious risk factors if you’re not seen by a doctor as soon as possible after an accident.

  3. Internal bleeding

    While visible cuts and bruises are easy to identify, internal bleeding is an entirely different matter. If blood can leave vessels and collect in the body, serious internal damage could result.

  4. Spinal injuries

    Much like broken bones, spinal discs can easily shift out of place with extreme sudden force. These injuries can severely impact your level of mobility and flexibility.

  5. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

    While PTSD can be associated with soldiers returning from war; it’s an all too real condition suffered from car accidents. This can include having flashbacks and memories of the event, as well as emotional scarring that impacts other areas of daily life.

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