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While most of us adore our canine companions, it’s important to remember that they can still be quite dangerous. Dog bites account for thousands of injures each year in California, a handful of which are fatal. If you are involved in a serious dog bite incident, it’s important that you seek the proper medical care, then reach out to an experienced dog bite attorney in Tarzana. Nearly all dog bites involve the negligence or one or more parties, and these sometimes life-threatening accidents are often preventable. A serious dog bite can cause traumatic injury, psychological distress, and costly medical bills, and you should not be expected to live with these consequences! Getting a dog bite attorney who is familiar with Los Angeles dog bite laws is a good first step for getting what you need to help with your recovery. Come to the law office of Ramtin Sadighim for help.

Because dogs are living creatures, the circumstances of a dog bite incident can be complex, and involve a multitude of factors like: health condition of the animal, breed of dog, owner neglect or abuse, improper restraints or containment, and more. We have handled many dog bite cases both here in Los Angeles and around California so you can count on our firm to have the legal expertise, personal compassion, and attention to detail that it takes to bring the responsible party to justice. When a dog bite is serious, you may suffer from lost wages, lasting disability, or worse, so don’t downplay your injures- get help right away!

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Here at Ramtin Sadighim Law, we provide the experienced legal counsel and representation of  a dedicated dog bite attorney for dog bite victims in Tarzana, and throughout the entire Los Angeles and Ventura county areas. Reach out to us today and ask for your free initial case review to get started.