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Gardena, with the highest percentage of Japanese Americans in California, reflects very high business activity with Japanese connected enterprise in mainland USA. This brings with it heavy road traffic and contributes to the high personal injury incidence in Los Angeles from car accidents. Just ask the Law Office of Ramtin Sadighim.

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Gardena has for years been a big attraction to Japanese residents that have settled in California to connect trade between US and Japan. At the same time, commercial activity has built up over time to the highest level of intensity. As you can imagine this city of now close to 60,000 carries a burden as an inevitable price for its prosperity, namely, the heavy incidence of personal injuries from auto accidents involving cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, and motor-bikers every day. The degree of negligent activity is a huge concern as reckless driving over the speed limits also results in wrongful deaths much too often.

The Law Office of Ramtin Sadighim serving Gardena has been the favored personal injury law firm for Japanese citizens making up a sizable percentage of this city’s residents. It is well known that our availability 7-days a week, 24-hours a day is a huge plus factor. Ramtin is the person to connect with when it comes down to finding a lawyer to assist anyone injured due to some kind of accident by another’s negligence. One never knows where or when negligent mishaps occur: be it on the road, in the workplace (i.e. fractured limbs, burns, skin-tears etc.,), in retail malls (i.e. slip-and-falls), or by dog-bites (caused by negligent pet-owners). After getting medical attention Ramtin and his professional associates are the ones to call.

The one standout feature about the Law Office of Ramtin Sadighim for residents in Gardena is that you will not be charged one cent for any consultation at any time until you receive hard cash as fair compensation for pain and suffering from wrongful and negligent behavior. This is reached quickly as possible with transparency and stress-free process via mediation or court decision. Our competition quickly falls by the wayside when Ramtin’s expert team of personal injury attorneys locks on to your case and uses every opening of the law to get you the settlement you deserve. Yelp and Google client reviews back up our stellar service with only 5-star ratings.

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So if you, or anyone in your family living in Gardena, ever have the need to make a claim or take decisive action after suffering personal injury through car accidents, wrongful death, pedestrian mishap, workplace neglect, or any other everyday 3rd party fault, Ramtin’s team in this Los Angeles County will be there for you. If reliability, resilience, and measured aggressiveness are important to you in such upheavals, then contact The Law Office of RamtinSadighim today and let us fight for you. Call 888.999.8744 or click here for a Free Consultation.

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