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As we discussed in a previous entry, seeking medical attention immediately after your car accident is crucial – even if you feel fine. In this issue, we continue that theme by discussing the importance of true transparency with your doctor during your post-accident examination.

As noted, some injuries from car and truck accidents may not be immediately noticeable. In fact, some may take weeks or months to surface. Hence, it is vital that you be honest with your doctor about the circumstances that led to your accident. This information can and will be used to guide the doctor to check for certain injuries known to be associated with auto accidents and provide the appropriate medical treatment; furthermore, provide sound support for your personal injury claim.

In addition to the honest discussion with your doctor, be sure to also:

  • Communicate all symptoms you are experiencing

    (This can help your doctor decide which diagnostic tools need to be used for further testing, including MRIs and X-Rays.)

  • Ask about treatment expectations and options

    (Even if further medical attention is needed, you’ll be in a much better position to gauge its effectiveness. As the patient and victim, you have every right to know how much physical therapy, medical attention, etc. will be necessary before making a decision to proceed)

  • Discuss a timeframe for returning to work

    (Many victims of auto accidents make the mistake of returning to work before their injuries have had time to heal. Communicate the nature of your work so that a reasonable timeframe can be recommended.)

  • Determine how your injuries may impact other areas of your life

    (A disruption or down turn of the quality of life can play an important role in any settlement negotiations or jury decision. Discuss with your doctor in detail, including all physical activity.)

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