The Importance of Medical Attention after a Car Accident – Even If You Feel Fine

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The Importance of Medical Attention after a Car Accident – Even If You Feel Fine

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The National Highway Traffic Association tells us that someone in the U.S. is involved in a car accident practically every minute of every day. In fact, some experts say you’re most likely to be involved in a car accident once every 17 years.
If you experience a car accident, one the most important first steps you should take is to visit your doctor as soon as possible – regardless of how you feel.
In this issue, the highly experienced and reputable Los Angeles car accident lawyer, Ramtin Sadighim, will discuss the importance of seeking medical attention as soon as possible following a car accident, and how doing positively supports your personal injury claim.

Why is it so Important to See a Doctor after a Car Accident?

Some car accident injuries can take time – days, weeks, or even months — to show themselves.

Known in the medical community as “delayed onset injuries,” the excitement of the car accident itself can trigger adrenaline and endorphins, which can mask some injuries initially.

What Type of Injuries are Delayed Onset Injuries?

Typically, the naked eye will not notice the onset of delayed injuries.

While broken bones are readily identifiable, injuries such as a concussion, a traumatic brain injury (TBI), or whiplash – which causes limited use of swelled muscles – are prime examples of delayed onset injuries after a car accident.
Even injuries to your knees and shoulders may take time to appear, usually once the inflammation makes the pain unmistakable.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is real, and the psychological toll the accident takes on one can lead to developing a host of issues, including phobias about driving after the accident.

How does Medical Attention Strengthen My Personal Injury Claim?

Legally, the examination establishes a record of evidence, which can be invaluable to whether you succeed in court or receive a fair settlement.

Even if you feel perfectly fine, your doctor will know what to look for, and will examine you to identify injuries or ramifications you didn’t realize you had. From which, gives one the opportunity to start the healing process much sooner.

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