While they account for only four percent of road traffic, large trucks contribute to roughly 12 percent of fatal accidents. That’s according to research from the Federal Carrier Safety Administration.

Since many drivers behind the wheels of large trucks work independently or for a trucking company, it can be confusing when determining whom to sue in a personal injury case following a large truck accident.

In this issue, the highly experienced and reputable Los Angeles truck accident lawyer, Ramtin Sadighim, will discuss the options when it comes to who is legally responsible for a large truck accident.

If you have been involved in a large truck accident, it’s vital that you secure the expertise and skill set of an experienced personal injury lawyer who will fight on your behalf to secure the justice and compensation you deserve.

Who to Hold Responsible?

Simply put, if the truck driver is at fault for the accident, the decision on who to sue revolves around their employment status.

  • If the driver works independently, legal action will need to be taken against his or her insurance provider. If the driver does not have insurance, legal action will need to be pursued against him or her personally.
  • If the driver is employed by someone else – and it can be proven that the company committed some form of negligence – both the driver and the employer can be held legally responsible.

For example, drivers of large trucks are permitted to drive a limited number of hours. If it can be proven that the driver was fatigued by driving excessively and that the employer knew about a history of such behavior, they could be litigated for negligence.

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