There are a myriad of factors that go into assessing the valuation of a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, there is no way for a personal injury attorney to predict the future and tell you exactly what you will get through a settlement.Hence, it is in your best interest to retain the services of a seasoned, top-notch personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, for the best possible outcome.

There are numerous techniques used by personal injury lawyers to maximize the overall value of a claim prior to actually filing a lawsuit in a California court.Here are some techniques and strategies that have proven to be quite effective:

Let The Insurance Company Make the “First Move”

Some attorneys prefer to make an initial demand to the insurance company that is exceptionally high in order to have wiggle room during negotiations with the goal of ultimately agreeing to a “lower” or “more reasonable” amount of compensation via settlement. However, this protocol comes with risk since an initial demand letter that is exorbitantly high could lead to the insurance company balking at further negotiations. There is also the risk that the number you consider to be “high” may actually be low in the eyes of the claims adjuster. Ultimately, it means you run the risk of anchoring yourself to a settlement amount that does not achieve financial restitution. As a result, we find it to be in the best interest of our clients to let the insurance company make the opening offer to avoid these pitfalls during negotiations.

Be Ready to Litigate

At the end of the day, a qualified lawyer needs to be ready and fully confident to proceed with filing a lawsuit and taking your case to trial. This is imperative, because if an attorney is unable or unwilling to actually present your case to a judge and jury, then it automatically hinders them during settlement negotiations because the claims adjuster knows they are all talk and no walk. Do not make that mistake. Ensure you hire a lawyer with a track record of success in securing maximum compensation for clients both via settlement and at trial.

Full Comprehension of the Claim

The signs of an invested attorney include someone who is fully committed in reviewing all medical reports and bills, witnesses, and relevant evidence to support your claim. This is vital even with accident claims where liability is undisputed; insurance claims adjusters will try to view the facts and evidence in the light most favorable to their insured and make a lowball offer that does not fully compensate you.

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