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Car accidents are the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. They are also responsible for countless injuries every year. Here are some of the leading car accident triggers and remedies to prevent them from occurring:

  1. Driver Fatigue

    Being well-rested is crucial for driving safely. Even a second of dozing off behind the wheel can lead to disaster.

    Falling asleep at the wheel is a lot more common than one would believe. That is why the phrase is used as a metaphor. However, driver fatigue can also mean that a motorist has not had adequate sleep,in order to operate and make sound judgements while driving. Hence, if you are worried about being overtired, do not risk it by putting yourself and others in harm’s way. It is wise to ask a friend for a ride or call an Uber.

  2. Drinking and Driving

    Everyone has read the horror stories associated with driving impaired. Never give yourself permission to operate any vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. It is common sense but it’s worth repeating over and over again to pre-plan your day or night out by utilizing a designated driver or ride share service.

  3. Reckless Driving and Speeding

    Many times, motorists speed to avoid being late for work or another occasion. And, while speeding is common, whether it is 5 mph over the limit or 25 mph past it, this action causes over a quarter of all car accident deaths. Most often, accidents occur because stopping abruptly is much more difficult when speeding.

    Reckless driving includes speeding, but also other aggressive tactics such as tailgating, running stop signs and red lights, and continuously switching lanes. These actions lead to horrific collisions, so it is best to be conscious of your time and decisions to prevent any life altering actions. Practice patience while on the road and leave plenty of time to get to your destination.

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