Each year, thousands of people are seriously injured in auto accidents in Los Angeles. In 2017, there were more than 60,000 car wrecks that occurred on roads and highways in Los Angeles (that breaks down to around 164 accidents per day). If that’s not bad enough, those 60,000 wrecks resulted in more than 92,000 people suffering injuries or loss of life, according to the National Safety Council.

In the aftermath of a car accident, it is important to try and keep your wits about you (if possible) and take specific actions to help protect your legal rights. Those actions include the following:

Contact the Authorities

After an accident has occurred, it is important to immediately contact the police so they can investigate the collision and examine the scene of the crash. In addition, police typically draft a report detailing the collision, including key facts about who caused the collision.

Collect Relevant Contact Information

If possible, make sure to get the contact information and insurance information of the other motorist involved in the accident. In addition, write down the passenger(s) who were in both vehicles, if any. The necessary contact information includes:

  • Full names;
  • Home addresses;
  • Phone numbers;
  • Driver’s license numbers; and
  • Insurance information. 

Take Photos with Your Phone

In addition to collecting contact information, you should try to take photos of the scene of the accident and any visible injuries you suffered.  These photos can be helpful in creating a visualization that captures the extent of the accident.

Do Not Admit Liability

It is important to watch what you say to the other parties involved in the accidents, including any bystanders and the insurance agent for your carrier and the other motorist’s insurance carrier. For further information schedule a consultation with an expert personal injury attorney in Los Angeles today.

Seek Medical Attention

Failing to seek medical attention can be potentially devastating to the viability of your personal injury claim. Why? Because waiting days, weeks, or even months to seek medical attention could be used against you by the insurance company to minimize your injuries as you did not seek medical attention right away.

It is quite common for people to try and “tough it out” in the wake of a car crash. This is because some under estimate the severity of their bodily injuries or may not actually feel their injuries until the adrenaline associated with the accident has worn off. Hence, you should always make sure to request a complete medical examination soon after a collision. You also need to follow your doctors’ orders for treatment, including taking recommended prescriptions and attending physical therapy sessions.

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