A common cause of injuries across the state of California is dog bites. While most dog bites are minor, there are a handful of cases that are fatal. There are many reasons why a dog will bite, but most often it will simply be out of fear. Following a dog bite, it is critical to seek medical attention and then call an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney. To prevent dog bite injuries, it is important to understand why dogs bite and how to avoid these situations.

As mentioned earlier, the most common reason that a dog will bite is because he is afraid or startled. The key to avoiding a dog bite is to never approach a strange dog from behind, or try to surprise your own dog. Instinctively, a dog will bite to protect himself from what he may think is danger.

Dogs frequently bite people, even their owners, if they are sick or injured. This can apply to any dog, even ones that are not aggressive, so it is important to give them space and not touch them.

Abused dogs are also likely to bite because they have been hit or neglected by humans. If you encounter a dog that looks like he has been abused, do not try to touch the dog or help him, instead, contact the proper authorities.

Even when normally gentle dogs are excited or playing, they can nip and bite. It is important to always monitor your dog when there are small children or elderly adults present.

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