One of the best benefits that can be accessed through your auto insurance policy is something called“Medpay.” If you, or a passenger in your vehicle, suffer a serious injury in a car accident,you can access your Medpay benefits to help cover the expenses associated with the accident, including ER visit, ambulance bills, treatment provided by a chiropractor, and other related medical expenses. Medpay benefits are great because they can be accessed regardless of fault.

Do not make the mistake of assuming you have Medpay benefits in your insurance policy. For California motorists, Medpay benefits are an optional form of insurance coverage. This is not the case in other states. For example, states like Florida and Texas require motorists to carry a certain amount of Medpay benefits through their insurance policy (it is commonly referred to as “Personal Injury Protection” coverage in those states).


“Excess” Medpay benefitsoperatesimilar to traditionalMedpay, but can only be used for specific types of expenses incurred after a car accident. With “excess” Medpay benefits, your auto insurance company will only pay for medical expenses that were not covered by your health insurance policy.

For example, let’s say you incurred a $5,000 bill related to a CAT scan following a serious car accident. This medical bill was submitted to your health insurance company for payment. Your health insurance provider only paid $3,000 for the bill. Assuming there are no contractual deductions or other set-offs, you would be left with a balance of $2,000. In this situation, do not be surprised if the hospital sends you a bill for the balance. This $2,000 represents the “excess” amount of what your health insurance provider covered. If you have “excess” Medpay benefits, they can be accessed to cover this $2,000 balance and ensure you are not forced to pay out of pocket.

Important Exceptions and Limitations

As mentioned, there are many positives associated with Medpay benefits, but there are also notable limitations and exceptions you need to be aware of. For example, most insurance companies will only authorize a Medpay benefit payment to cover expenses related to treatment you received that is generally accepted in the community. In addition, your medical treatment must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. The treatment was necessary;
  2. The treatment was reasonable;
  3. The treatment was necessary due to injuries you suffered from a car accident.

In addition to these prerequisites, there are certain insurance policies that place further restrictions on accessing Medpay benefits, such as arbitrary time constraints. For example, some policies require that your treatment be provided within the first year following the accident.

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