The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted virtually every aspect of society and forced millions of Americans to change their daily habits and routines. A prime illustration of the effect of the Coronavirus is dramatically less congested roads and highways throughout Los Angeles and the rest of California.

In fact, a silver lining to the pandemic is the steep decline in reported car accidents and accident-related death. For example, a recent study published by the University of California, Davis indicated that traffic accidents in Los Angeles and throughout California have declined by half since the Governor issued a stay-at-home order on March 19, 2020.

Data Prior to Stay-at-Home Order

The UC Davis study highlighted the disturbing car accident data from prior to the issuance of the stay-at-home order. Researchers estimated that there were close to 1,000 car accidents and 400 reported injuries and deaths each and every day on highways across California. The data included reported accidents on I-5, both north of Los Angeles and toward Oceanside, U.S. Route 101, U.S. Route 99, state road 152 toward Los Banos and I-280 toward Daly City, according to The Hill.

Dramatic Drop in Accidents

After the Governor issued the stay-at-home order, the UC Davis researchers found that there were approximately 500 car accidents and 200 bodily injuries or deaths per day.This is largely due to the fact that traffic volume in California dropped by a whopping 60 percent on certain highways.

Even with the dramatic drop in reported car wrecks, the number of lives lost or lives adversely impacted due to a serious injury remain high (i.e. 200 per day).

If you or a family member were involved in a car wreck in or around Los Angeles, you may be wondering whether it is appropriate to speak to an accident attorney or file a personal injury claim while the country is still in the throes of the Coronavirus pandemic. Wonder no more. You have every right to speak to an attorney to discuss your legal options. It is especially important to take action sooner rather than later since you only have a finite amount of time to file a personal injury claim in California.

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