Each year hundreds of thousands of burn injuries receive treatment across the U.S. These types of injuries can range in severity, but are one of the most painful injuries that a person can endure. Burn injuries can be external or internal. An external burn injury is one that is caused by skin being exposed to a source of heat or chemicals. An internal burn injury occurs when a person inhales superheated gases or liquids, ingests chemicals, or if he/she gets electrocuted.

Burn injuries can vary in severity depending on how much damage they cause and complications that arise after the initial injury, such as infection. A burn injury can damage one or more of the three layers of skin, muscle, bone, and blood vessels surrounding the injury site.

Burns are most frequently caused by:

  • Contact with fire or flames- leading cause of burn injuries in the U.S.
  • Scalding injuries- caused by spilled coffee, steam, etc. Second leading cause
  • Thermal burns- caused from contact with hot objects like ovens
  • Electrical burns- caused by unintentional contact with electricity
  • Chemical burns from hazardous materials
  • Various causes including severe sun burns, contact with fireworks, inhalation, etc.

Accidents do happen, but when burn injuries result from someone else’s negligence, the victims deserve compensation to recover and rebuild their lives.

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