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It is never an easy thing to lose a loved one, but when their death is caused by the negligence of another party, it can be all the more painful. Sometimes, accidents and other tragic incidents take a fatal turn, and when someone dies through the faulty actions, or lack of actions, of another, it is legally known as “wrongful death.” This can be especially tragic when the deceased individual leaves behind a family that was dependent on him or her to provide income, companionship, childrearing, and more. In these cases, talking to a qualified wrongful death lawyer in Tarzana is a good idea, as your family may be able to recover these losses and receive compensation for your suffering.

Here at the law office of Ramtin Sadighim, we have the skill and compassion that it takes to help the victims of wrongful death cases file lawsuits and get the representation of a skilled Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer, and you can count on us to go above and beyond for you. When an unexpected death leaves you financially stranded or unable to care for yourself, we can assist you in filing a wrongful death lawsuit, and bring the responsible party to justice. Many different incidents can lead to a wrongful death, including motor vehicle accidents, bicycling accidents, brain injuries, dog bites, and more. If you would like to learn if your circumstances qualify as wrongful death, our legal team is here to answer your questions.

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