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You’re cruising along, enjoying the wind in your face, and then open your eyes to ceiling tiles in a hospital. Inquiring why, you hear, “You were in a motorcycle crash.”  In an instant, your life has become one of recovery, rehabilitation, and possibly adjusting to life-altering permanent injuries.

We hope this never happens to you, but according to California Traffic Safety, there were 565 motorcycle fatalities in 2021. If a negligent driver ever makes you a motorcycle wreck statistic, keep reading.

We will share the top three reasons for hiring a motorcycle accident attorney following an accident.

1. Legal Expertise

Navigating the legal system is complex. The legal knowledge necessary to negotiate a settlement comparable to your motorcycle accident injuries is massive.

Negotiating with the insurance company requires familiarity with insurance laws and obligations. A motorcycle attorney knows insurance companies are notorious for offering low-ball settlements.

Your lawyer will review insurance policies, accident reports, and medical records to determine whether settlement offers are comparable to your injuries.

Your attorney is familiar with the California Statute of Limitations and will file a lawsuit if you cannot settle. They know the requirements for elements of personal injury due to driver negligence.

During the discovery process, they will continue to gather evidence while negotiating with opposing counsel and representing you in court at all hearings. If you cannot reach a resolution, your attorney will present your case at trial.

2. Compensation Calculations

Determining compensation is more complex than adding up bills. Following a motorcycle crash, the rider may have extensive injuries, including multiple broken bones, fractures, loss of a limb, or a TBI.

Suffering a traumatic brain injury is common, even when wearing a helmet. The impact from a vehicle may catapult the body through the air. The jolt to the head when it lands can cause a mild injury requiring monitoring and therapy for a serious, permanently debilitating brain injury.

Following a motorcycle crash, riders may spend weeks or months in a hospital and rehab facility. Motorcycle crash lawyers have experience putting things in motion to recover lost wages, replacement services, medical expenses, and property damage. Compensation for pain and suffering and permanent life-altering injuries is also available.

If the rider does not survive, a loved one may have a wrongful death claim. This claim may compensate for lost wages, loss of consortium, medical expenses, and burial costs.

3. Peace of Mind

While you concentrate on recovery, your motorcycle attorney handles all legal obligations. When opposing counsel files motions requesting things like a summary deposition or the production of documents, your attorney knows how to respond following the California Rules of Civil Procedure.

You don’t need to worry about missing an important step, such as locating expert witnesses. Your attorney is familiar with serving subpoenas, preparing for trial, and more.

After a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle safety is more than careful riding; it is navigating the legal system after a motorcycle crash. Ensure the protection of your rights by hiring an attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents.

The Law Offices of Ramtin Sadighim offers experienced attorneys that understand the numerous injuries, high medical costs, and legal strategies necessary to obtain the highest settlement possible on your claim. Call our office today at 888-999-8744 for a free telephone consultation or contact us here.